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The hostel in Dawson City is offering various day and overnight trips out of the hostel  for a maximum of 10 passengers.

-The van is a full-sized 15 seat and with the last row of seats taken out and offers lots of space for luggage. The van also has a roof rack for larger items like bikes and canoes.

-For overnight trips we prefer passengers providing their own tenting and sleeping gear. Tents can be rented but the number for rent is limited. Sleeping-bags are for sale at the hostel but not for rent.

-Cooking gear will be provided if needed but it is the group who will decide and purchase the type and amount of food needed for the trip.

-Prices for individual trips depend on the number of passengers and the more passengers there are the lower the fare.

-The average base rate is  $1 per driven kilometer.

-GST of 5% will be added to all prices.

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* 1 * Full day hiking in the TOMBSTONE PARK
The park is located about 130 km from Dawson City and 70 km up the Dempster Highway. The van will drop you off at the Tombstone Park Info. Centre for a full day of hiking up to the ridges of the nearby mountains. This is a non-guided hiking tour.

* 2 * A long day-trip to the ARCTIC CIRCLE 
This round trip up the all-gravel Dempster Highway covers about 800 km. Trip will take 12 to 14 hours but, if requested by the group, can be turned into a overnight trip.
About 5 hours through the GOLD COUNTRY with stops at the historic GOLD DREDGE, the DISCOVERY CLAIM, with a long stop at the Ridge Road Trail Head ( an optional 30 km hike or bike back to Dawson City ), great views from the KING SALOMON DOME and a gold panning stop at a working GOLD MINE. ( see above for rates )
* 4 * FORTY MILE VILLAGE & TOP OF THE WORLD sightseeing day trip 
The now abandoned village of Forty Mile existed before Dawson City did and is located about 80km downstream from Dawson City - about 6 hours by road or one full day by canoe. The road follows the "Top of the World Highway" for about 70 km before turning onto the Fortymile Road. Restoration of the historic site is under way.  The hostel does rent canoes and will pick up river travellers. Max. space on the van is for 3 canoes.
* 5 * The TOP OF THE WORLD HIGHWAY  - afternoon trip
A 3 to 4 hours trip especially recommended for late August and September. This tour will go as far as the border but will not cross into Alaska. We will stop often for short hikes off this extremely scenic highway and, in season, for rich blueberry pickings!!
We will stop at scenic points along the highway and will drop you off at the accomodation of your choice in or near Whitehorse.

* 7 * To EAGLE in ALASKA
This is a day-trip along the "Top of the World Highway" to the historic Yukon River village of EAGLE in Alaska, about 180 km downstream from Dawson City. This trip can be used as a pick-up for river travellers who have paddled to Eagle returning them and their gear to Dawson City ....or it's a nice and easy day trip for those who just want to go for the return trip.
  Proper documentation is required for above trip.

* 8 * Daytrip to KENO - and MAYO / ELSA
This roundtrip to the historic town of Keno - about 700km. This trip also can be used to drop off canoes and gear for those who want to paddle back to Dawson City from Stewart Crossing.

* 9 * Traveller's Choice
Tell us where you or your group wants to go and we will figure out how to get you there.


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